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Free Blogs list

Here I am presenting a list of websites which allows us to create and manage our own free Blog. So, you can create your own Blog by a click from this single location.

*If any website is offering a free blog service and is not included in this list, please email us to: and we'll automatically create a link to that web site as long as you give us the URL!

Free Blog providers list:

Create a blog from

  • If you have a google account already: Click here

  • If you dont have google account: Click here

  • Create - your Blog from Rediff

    Create - your Rediffiland from Rediff

    Create - your Place on Yahoo! 360°. A place that's all about you to share with friends and family.

    Create - your Blog from WordPress

    Create - your Blog from LiveJournal, (a private journal, a blog, a discussion forum or a social network)

    Create - your Blog from Bravenet

    Create - your Blog from thoughts

    Create - your Blog from Blog

    Create - your Blog from Vox

    Create - your Blog from ibibio

    Create - your travel blog from Travelpod

    Existing Blogs which provide help to their communities:

    The official Google blog: GO

    Google Adsense blog: Go

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