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Adding & Removing Authors and Members to Blog

To add an author or a member to your blog do this:
  1. Log in to your blog,
  2. In your Dashboard click on "Settings" button, for which blog you want to add (if you have more than one blog).
  3. Now it will open Settings tab
  4. Here in this tab, you can find "Permissions" section at right side, click on this.
  5. In this "Permissions" there is a blue colored button "ADD AUTHORS", click on this.
  6. Now you will get "invite more people…." box, in this type the email address of the persons whom you want to add as an authors.
  7. Then click on "INVITE" button.
Now you have added a person to your blog as an Author  and the person to whom you have invited he will get an invitation in his mail box like "You have been invited to contribute to XXXX blog". Here he will get one link like this: "To contribute to this blog, visit: http:// www. blogger .com/i.g?invite ID=658469528475&blog ID=69845752684555 "

He need to click on this link. When he clicks on this he will be taken to new window with  "XXXX has invited you to contribute to the blog".

Now he should enter his email id and password, then has to click on "Accept invitation" button. (if he don’t have Google account need to create one)

Now he will be taken to "Sign up for Blogger" window, here 1. enter display name and 2. put check mark for "Acceptance for Terms", now click on "Continue".

Now he enters in to his Dashboard. Here he can post to blog or can remove him self from the blog.  With this one person additon and acceptance is finished.

Giving Admin privileges to authors:

To give Admin privileges to an author do this:

  1. Log in to your blog,
  2. In your Dashboard click on "Settings" button, of a blog for which author is related (if you have more than one blog). Now it will opens 'Settings' tab
  3. Here in this tab, go to "Permissions" section at right side, click on this.
  4. Here click on the "grant admin privileges"  blue colored link,
  5. You will get popup box saying "Grant admin privileges", click on this red button.
Now you had given Admin privileges to an existing author.  To do this author should exist in your blog, otherwise add him first as an author, then do this.

 Revoke Admin privileges(Cancelling admin privileges):

To cancel admin privileges to an existing Administrator:
  • Just go to the "permissions" section (if you dont get it follow 1 to 3 steps in previous section),
  • here click on "revoke admin privileges" link,
  • you will get popup with "REVOKE ADMIN PRIVILEGES" red color button, just click on that.
Now admin privileges for a person had been removed.

Removing a person permanently (Author or Admin) from the blog:

  • In the same "permissions" section click on "remove" link on right side of a persons name.
  • You will get conformation box, here clink on "remove"
He will be permanently removed from the blog.

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