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Adding AdSense code inside the blog post content

Hi friends,

One good news for all Bloggers.

Now on words you can simply put your AdSence code within the post area.

Till now it is not possible to put AdSence code in the middle of post along with post content in new templates, even if we try to put we used to get 'xml' errors or (if we ‘parse’ it to accept) ads are not displayed in the post.

But now onwords we can add AdSence code anywhere in the post area, in any available format or size, and it will mix with your post content/color.

For this new feature you need to login "" instead of  "". Otherwise you can't use this feature. After your login, you have to make blogger in draft as your default Dashboard.
To login into Bloggerin draft click here.

After loging into your dashboard it looks like the bellow picture. Here you need to put check mark for "Make Blogger in Draft my default dashboard".

Now you did all required things to display your AdSense ads in your blog post area along with your content.

Now you can paste your adsense code where ever you want to appear in the post content.  On the basis of your post area width you can paste any size of add fits well with your content.

One more thing is, you need to paste this code in each post manually, there is no automatic mechanism.
But you can paste different ad codes in different pages on the basis of space availability etc.

You can see this page as a live example for ads appearing within the blog content which you are reading now.

I hope you got this. So enjoy this new featue and send this post to someone who need it.

If you feel that you need further information about any issue just post your query in comments, I will try to do for you.

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moneymakingonline said...

THANKS Luckey. I suppose I Should use the draft blogger to apply for adsense as well because i got an error message when i requested for adsense through blogger.Again i noticed people who are not internet marketers could not post in my blog,what do i do so that anyone can post in my blog?

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