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Adding HTML or Java script to the Blog template - Solving XML errors

When you will get some html code or java script from third parties, you need to add it to the blogs template like in head section or body section. This code may be relating to conformation for search engines or may be some other.

You can add this code in two ways:

1. Adding this code in widget, instead of template (if it is not very important): add your html code in html widget. And see your html functionality is working or not. If it is working, then there is no problem, and you will not get any xml errors. For this choose footer section to add widget, because the widget which you are adding is jus html or java functionality related and will not display anything in the page, so better to add at bottom of page.

2. If it is important code like Google webmaster tool conformation tag, etc, you need to add it in the blog template. Here when you add you will get xml errors.

To solve these just do in this way

For example: your code is like this

<meta content='46n9XCzgejre0Fiy8J2dfumfklkf=' name='verify-v1'>

In this case you will get error for not closing this with closing tag.
To close this just put “/” (slash) before “>” (greater than symbol) and preview or save your template.

After this adjustment code will looks like this:

<meta content='46n9XCzgejre0Fiy8J2dfumfklkf=' name='verify-v1' />

The change is just you have to add ' / ' before > simbol.

Even you’re unable to clear your errors then do in this way:

Just replace all these 3 symbols < > “ with their values, i.e.,

<’ with ‘ &lt; ’ means < is equal to &lt;

>’ with ‘ &gt; ’ means > is equal to &gt;

with ' &quot; ' means is equal to &quot;

For opening and closing Quotation marks value is same.

Now save your template. But, please take care while doing this, because if you do small mistake it will not work properly. Before doing this better keep one copy of original code separately.

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Anonymous said...

Please provide some more clear information. Thanks in advance.

Ayushi Infotech said...

i have to clickbank affiliate link to blog. i have added HTML/JavaScript this gadget to blog. After adding this one box is opening like to fill title and description. in this what i have to type. then how to insert the link pls explain me

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